Shreveport, LA

We are delighted to be in Shreveport, Louisiana in our final week of this US tour. For the group, it is a significant day because it is about ten years since The King’s Singers was last in Louisiana. Johnny is rather pleased as he has now completed his mainland-US jigsaw puzzle. He still has Alaska and Hawaii to get to, so if you know anyone who’d like to present us in either of those states do let me know! I am falling behind Johnny somewhat, as I will only have completed twelve states by the end of this tour. 

As you may know, last year The King’s Singers set up a global charity (a US 501(c)3 organisation) called The King’s Singers Global Foundation. The charity was set up to allow us to help our mission to change the world through music, given it’s power to help unify societies around the world which seem increasingly fractured; after all music is a shared universal language. Today was a very special day since it marked the first use of our Foundation’s resources. The Foundation covered the cost of the coach travel for some schoolchildren from Texas to come to Shreveport to attend a workshop with us and listen to our concert. Our workshop was, of course, free for them to attend but, without our Foundation, they would have been unable to get to Shreveport in the first place. Hearing the youngsters sing their music was inspiring and it was a great pleasure to meet Phillip Nix, the director of the choir, and friend of the group. We wish the choir all the best for its upcoming choral competition. For more information about The King’s Singers Global Foundation, and to make a gift please click here.

Our concert tonight is in the First United Methodist Church. We look forward to singing here, not least because the church has a wonderful acoustic. Tonight’s

performance is free and is funded by the Church as part of the Texas Street Art Series.


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