What’s the mission?

If you are interested in choral music, The King’s Singers Global Foundation exists for you. If you enjoy singing it, the Foundation exists to help you improve; if you write it, the Foundation exists to offer you opportunities; if you listen to it, the Foundation creates new ways to enjoy it and appreciate it. Underpinning all this work is the fundamental belief that the act of singing together is beneficial, both individually and also for the societies in which we live. In today’s ever-more fractured world, we feel it’s more important than ever.

What's the story?

During its 50th anniversary year, the group spent time thinking about how best to use the amazing legacy and profile of The King's Singers in a way that gives some of that benefit back to the wider community. The result was The King’s Singers Global Foundation. The Global Foundation has its own trustees, staff, expert advisory boards and funding, but the Foundation and the group are inextricably linked. Central to the essence of the Foundation is that the six members of The King’s Singers wish to give their platform, their time, and their expertise - unpaid - to widen the reach and impact of choral music.

In the Global Foundation’s first year, the group recorded and launched ‘Finding Harmony’ - an album and commissioning drive which highlighted the vital role communal singing has played in key moments of world history up to the present, and this has since become a motto for all the Foundation’s work. It works through 3 key projects, each of which is aimed at a different portion of the community.

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The Projects

For those who sing
Right time, right place

The King’s Singers is one of the best vocal ensembles in the world. And who better to learn from than the best? The Right Time, Right Place project gives magical opportunities to young or amateur singers through two complementary initiatives: attending King’s Singers performances for free, and receiving top-quality coaching for free from the six King’s Singers. These initiatives create the conditions for singers to be inspired and nurtured, no matter their financial situation. We do this through:

  • Free workshops on performance, ensemble skills, interpretation, and vocal sounds (including any transportation costs for participants) 
  • Free tickets to King’s Singers concerts, making a valuable and often-expensive  experience more inclusive (including any transportation costs for participants)

Since it was started, the Global Foundation has given away over 5000 free tickets including digital concerts and live concerts, and workshopped over 550 singers in 4 different countries.

For those who create
New Music

The whole world benefits when new music is created. As well as enriching the world of culture for audiences, new compositions also provide opportunities for performers and - of course - for the composers themselves. Our New Music projects offer inspiration and opportunities for composers by commissioning new music: from leading lights of classical music, through young and under-represented composers, to amateurs who are inspired and encouraged by our ‘New Music Prize’, this project brings beauty into the world. We do this through:

  • The New Music Prize composition competition, which inspires new compositions and offers free digital composing workshops
  • Commissioning young/under-represented composers, such as Francesca Amewudah-Rivers and Freya Waley-Cohen 
  • Commissioning leading lights to enhance the canon, such as Joe Hisaishi and Ola Gjeilo

For those who listen
Digital Innovation

As the world turns digital, the choral world must not be left behind. The possibilities provided by technology can bring beautiful choral music to more and more people, no matter their circumstances. Our digital innovation projects exist to remove boundaries and create accessible, innovative ways to experience and appreciate choral music. We do this through:

  • Our regular series of ‘Sing along’ videos, featuring our performance of simple pieces  accompanied by the musical score, for participation at home.
  • Our multi-media ‘hologauze’ project, which was a collaboration with digital artist Felix Faire, adding real time projected graphics to our singing, helping audiences engage with music in a new way. 

Our sing alongs have been viewed over 4 million times.

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