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This year, as they celebrate their fiftieth anniversary, The King’s Singers are delighted to introduce their brand new United States-based charitable foundation: The King’s Singers Global Foundation*. Over the past five decades, the group has been proud to give educational workshops whilst touring and has also recently expanded into Summer Schools. The creation of this Foundation marks a new chapter in the group’s ability to share the joy we find in singing even more widely. It’s not just through more teaching that we want to do this, but through a wider variety of activities, all of which are designed to bring people together and enrich the world of music and the arts, for both musicians and non-musicians alike.

The scope of the Global Foundation is broad, reflecting the ambitions of the group to reach as wide an audience as possible, through many channels of engagement. The Foundation believes in finding harmony in today’s world, engaging meaningfully with underserved communities and individuals by increasing their access to musical participation and education of the highest artistic merit.

Our aim is to coach a new generation of performers, no matter their location or background, and to commission new vocal music from composers around the world, celebrating musical traditions which aren’t often explored in the classical world. We are also determined to build bridges between art forms, particularly by developing links between technology and vocal music to highlight the power of singing together in today’s digital age. And that’s just the start of it. With an advisory panel of world-renowned experts, six passionate King’s Singers, and a global reach, we believe The King’s Singers Global Foundation has the potential to enrich the lives of many people, both in the USA and around the world, at a time when the world needs unity and enrichment.

In short, the three main aims of the Global Foundation are as follows:

1) Teaching: we want to provide musical education and coaching to groups of singers around the world, particularly those who wouldn’t ordinarily have access to high quality coaching, for logistical or financial reasons. The Foundation will help us locate these groups and take us there to work with them outside of our normal touring activity. This aim extends to finding trusted partners who can do this coaching on our behalf if we are not able to be present in person.

2) Cultural collaboration: particularly in 2019 and 2020, as part of a larger charitable initiative (to be announced), we want to work with (and learn from) people around the world  — from a variety of traditions and cultures whose music is not often heard on the concert platform — to create musical works. We will then use our voice in the music world to celebrate these under-represented musical traditions as we tour, and demonstrate how important songs can be for uniting communities.

3) Social unity: in a world which feels divided and polarised around many important social and political issues, we firmly believe that singing together in harmony is an activity which can bring people together in the face of differences. Through a some commissioning, through a series of discussion podcasts, and the formation of cross-boundary choirs, we want to celebrate and promote singing in harmony to find harmony around the world in some of the most difficult and turbulent circumstances.

If you are able to donate to the Global Foundation, any amount big or small, we would be so grateful. You will have a direct impact on bringing these brand new community-engagement  and educational projects to life in the coming years. Click on the button below to donate via PayPal, and make sure to leave your details so that we can thank you for your generosity. To get in touch about the Global Foundation, and for any further information, please email us on:

* The Foundation is an authorised 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation

If you would prefer to use a direct bank transfer to make a donation, the details to use are as follows:
The King’s Singers Global Foundation
JP Morgan Chase Bank
Routing Number: 021000021
Account Number: 279973090

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