The King’s Singers Collection

Label: Signum (SIGCD120) | Year: 2008

Singers: David Hurley (countertenor), Robin Tyson (countertenor), Paul Phoenix (tenor), Philip Lawson (baritone), Christopher Gabbitas (baritone), Stephen Connolly (bass)

After 40 years The King’s Singers show no sign of slowing down. The five albums in this set were made in the space of three years and display the diversity and flexibility of the world’s premiere a cappella ensemble.

Gesualdo Tenebrae Responsories for Maundy Thursday: Powerful and harmonically daring music, the dark texts for Holy Week resonated with the Italian prince Carlo Gesualdo’s own life, which was mired in murder, guilt and obsession. His music sounds as fresh as the day he composed it.

Six (CD single): Classic jazz and pop arrangements plus a commission from Joby Talbot, displaying the group’s famous blended sound, perfect intonation and customary style.

1605 Treason & Discord, William Byrd and the Gunpowder Plot: Follow the story of how a group of young religious zealots tried to change the faith of a nation by force. With music from Catholics and Protestants, this fascinating programme ends with a commission from Francis Pott which finds grim resonances with today’s religious intolerances.

Thomas Tallis Spem in alium (CD single): Historians may not know exactly why Tallis wrote Spem in alium, but nobody disagrees that this majestic 40-part motet is one of the glories of renaissance art.

Landscape & Time: We are all shaped by the surroundings and age in which we live. Listen to music, including five commissions, which give us different perspectives from England, Scotland, America, Japan, Hungary, Finland and Estonia.

Track Listing

Disc One

  1. Lectio 1 Gregorian Chant 4:39
  2. Responsories from 1st Nocturn: In Monte Oliveti Carlo Gesualdo 4:39
  3. Responsories from 1st Nocturn: Tristis Est Anima Mea Carlo Gesualdo 4:43
  4. Responsories from 1st Nocturn: Ecce Vidimus Eum Carlo Gesualdo 7:25
  5. Lectio 2 Carlo Gesualdo 4:16
  6. Responsories from 2nd Nocturn: Amicus Meus Osculi Carlo Gesualdo 3:53
  7. Responsories from 2nd Nocturn: Judas Mercator Pessimus Carlo Gesualdo 2:36
  8. Responsories from 2nd Nocturn: Unus Ex Discipulis Meis Carlo Gesualdo 6:09
  9. Lectio 3 Carlo Gesualdo 3:56
  10. Responsories from 3rd Nocturn: Eram Quasi Agnus Innocens Carlo Gesualdo 5:11
  11. Responsories from 3rd Nocturn: Una Hora Non Potuistis Carlo Gesualdo 3:28
  12. Responsories from 3rd Nocturn: Seniores Populi Consilium Carlo Gesualdo 6:23
  13. Benedictus Carlo Gesualdo 7:46
  14. Christus Factus Est Gregorian Chant 0:55


Disc Two

  1. Down to the River to Pray arr. Philip Lawson 2:43
  2. Blackbird arr. Daryl Runswick 2:52
  3. The Wishing Tree Joby Talbot 3:40 
  4. Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel) Billy Joel arr. Philip Lawson 4:07
  5. Blue Skies Irving Berlin arr. Richard Rodney Bennett 3:25
  6. After the Goldrush Neil Young arr. Peter Knight 3:10

Disc Three

  1. George Whitehead's Almand John Dowland 1:29
  2. Kyrie from Mass for 4 Voices William Byrd 1:56
  3. A Fancie William Byrd 4:31 
  4. Gloria from Mass for 4 Voices William Byrd 5:55
  5. Ardens Est Cor Meum Richard Dering 2:38
  6. Civitas Sancti Tui William Byrd 5:06
  7. Ave Maria Gratia Plena Peter Philips 2:11
  8. Credo from Mass for 4 Voices William Byrd 7:58
  9. Sir Henry Umpton's Funeral John Dowland 4:21
  10. O Lord How Joyful Is the King Thomas Weelkes 8:24
  11. From Virgin's Womb / Rejoice, Rejoice William Byrd 2:06
  12. M. Bucton's Galliard John Dowland 1:19
  13. Sanctus / Benedictus from Mass for 4 Voices William Byrd 3:53
  14. Master Tresham: His Ducke Francis Pott 13:53
  15. Agnus Dei from Mass for 4 Voices William Byrd 3:31

Disc Four

  1. Spem In Alium (Tallis) Thomas Tallis 8:31
  2. Interview With the King's Singers The King's Singers 6:20


Disc Five

  1. The Seasons of His Mercies Richard Rodney Bennett 6:39
  2. Scenes In America Deserta John McCabe 14:57
  3. Taaveti Laulud - Taaveti Laul 22 Cyrillus Kreek 4:49
  4. Taaveti Laulud - Onnis On Inimene Cyrillus Kreek 2:09
  5. Taaveti Laulud - Taaveti Laul 141 Cyrillus Kreek 2:26
  6. Taaveti Laulud - Taaveti Laul 121 Cyrillus Kreek 3:27
  7. Remembered Love Jackson Hill 8:27
  8. House of Winter Peter Maxwell Davies 11:52
  9. Rakastava Jean Sibelius 7:45
  10. Esti Dal Zoltan Kodaly 3:17
  11. Even Such Is Time Bob Chilcott 2:50

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