Richmond, VA

Last blog for me in 2016. If you didn’t catch up last week then check out my blog from Brookfield.

We’re in sunny Virginia after a rather long, 12-hour travel day. Despite United Airlines’ best efforts we had only one delayed flight and no cancellations! It’s always reassuring when waiting for a flight to hear that the engineers are trying to fix the plane…what a thoughtful bunch of people they are!

You probably won’t believe me when I tell you that I’m currently multi-tasking. Blog writing whilst on the treadmill…and yes it’s a moving treadmill for all you cynics out there!

Today is an unusual day for us: two one-hour shows in the same venue. It’s an abridged version of the show we’ve been touring around North America. It’s good to ring the changes from time to time but it’s definitely not an easier day vocally because you have to get yourself in the zone, experience the high of performing, then the post-concert feeling of winding down and chilling out, before doing it all over again!

Back a couple of nights to Quebec City, it was so lovely seeing a former student of mine in the audience. He’s studying over here and decided to take a road trip with his girlfriend to see us. Having done the same thing in Auckland ’14 and Potsdam ’15 he’s becoming a well-travelled KS groupie!

Hope you’ve all got your Christmas Day playlists sorted out. We’ll be posting some of our favourites on Spotify so if you’re at a loose end and need some inspiration, check ours out!

Thanks for all your amazing support this year, both in person and from the comfort of your own homes. 2017 promises to be an exciting year and I’m particularly looking forward to walking down the aisle with Liz! Now to organise some wedding singers…know of any?



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