Wausau to Brookfield

What a great tour we’ve been having…so much so that I’ve forgotten to tell you all about it! The past ten days seem to have flown by and we’ve got a week and a half left before we’re home. Crazy!

Today was a gentle rest day/travel day. I was at the wheel driving us from Wausau to Brookfield. It’s fairly cold here but fortunately not very snowy so driving conditions are absolutely fine. Yesterday’s travel wasn’t ideal. As Jules mentioned, the inbound flight to Houston was late so our outbound flight was delayed by an hour and we subsequently missed our connection. That meant hiring cars earlier than we had anticipated and driving 170 miles from Minneapolis. It reminded me of a trip a few years back when two flights were cancelled and we had an overnight in Orlando then a flight to JFK followed by a treacherous drive through a thick snowstorm, arriving in Providence, Rhode Island, 5 minutes before the show started! Having all of 30 minutes yesterday was comparitively relaxing!

I’ve really been enjoying these shows, which are a mix of traditional carols and readings alongside more contemporary versions of both. The audiences have all given us standing ovations, which is something that is never expected but always appreciated.

Back at the start of the tour I got to hang out with some Kiwi buddies of mine who are doing well on the opera and jazz scene in NY. It’s so lovely catching up with old friends around the world. It’s a momentary opportunity to reminisce and have a good laugh about life, past, present and future. We all started in fairly humble beginnings and are doing all we can to ‘make it’, so to speak, in our chosen and varied fields.

I can’t remember if I mentioned that Liz and I had a garage door installed. I can’t wait to see it in person and open and close it till my heart’s content! (You can imagine the thrilling conversations Liz and I have these days about hinges, nuts and bolts and all things home improvement!)

2016 has represented many different things for many different people. From the people we know and love, both in our personal lives and in the wider public consciousness, to the decisions that we and others have made on our behalf, the whole spectrum of emotions has been and will continue to be felt by millions of us. In times of emotional upheaval, music is often a vehicle for people to deal with their emotions, both those onstage and those in audiences worldwide. It can inspire and it can heal. As I look back at the year, I reflect on the two most significant moments: losing my father and becoming engaged to Liz. I’ve experienced the most personal pain and the most heightened feelings of love, in the space of two months. For me, this Christmas will be a poignant one, the first without both Mum and Dad. I do know, however, that in becoming part of Liz’s family I’ve gained a new Mum and Dad, and that’s pretty special. It will also be the first time since I’ve been a King’s Singers that I get to celebrate Liz’s birthday with her…IN PERSON! So, I hope, wherever you are this Christmas, you get the opportunity to spend time with those you love and make sure you tell them how much they mean to you. Might I also recommend expanding your musical horizons and experience how powerful music can become in both inspiring you, healing wounds and any other emotion you need to touch base with.

Take care.





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