Winnipeg, MB

This has been a ridiculous week.

On Sunday, I was in Oxford, having a lovely birthday lunch with my parents, before returning to London. On Monday, I went to Stockholm to see a friend for lunch. On Tuesday I flew to LA to have dinner with another friend. On Wednesday evening, after a lovely day enjoying some SoCal sunshine, working and subscribing to a perfectly Californian diet of vegan food and black coffee in West Hollywood, I flew up to Vancouver. On Thursday I finally stayed in one place and thrived on the beautiful Pacific coast and delicious seafood. Yesterday saw us give our first concert of this tour for the British Columbia Choral Federation (and it was a really great way to start the tour). Right now, we’re all on a flight to Winnipeg, where we have our next concert tonight. Tomorrow we head on to Edmonton – which is definitely the coldest stop on the adventure so far. I’m bracing myself for Yellowknife next week (gloves at the ready).

Dealing with extremes of temperature is something I more readily associate with Bear Grylls than with us. But with (possibly way) over an a-hundred-degree-Fahrenheit difference between our hottest and coldest destinations on this trip, it’s made packing our suitcases an interesting exercise. It actually makes you realise all the things you don’t need to take on a trip. Eleven shirts? Unnecessary. Make it five. Eight pairs of trousers? Make it four. Take only what you really, actually need, not what you think you might need. You can get away with much less than you think.

This diversity is what makes being a King’s Singer so exciting to me. Not just different repertoire and new people, but places all over the world I just never thought I’d see. By this time next week, I hope to have pictures of the Northern Lights and of a beach in Florida under my belt. Extraordinary, really. I can never complain that this life is boring, I know.



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