Washington D.C.

Hello folks! You catch us on the very final day of our first international tour of 2018. Doesn’t that sound grand. Last night we had our final concert of tour, in St John’s Episcopal Church, Georgetown, Washington D.C.

We had such a lovely crowd there, with old friends and new fans alike. There’s always a special energy in the final concert of a tour – everyone is giving their final dose of energy to entertain the crowd, and last night we had such a lovely time singing to them. We even had a special VIP in the audience, the former US Secretary of State, and Ambassador to the U.N., Madeleine Albright. She came down into our dressing room in the interval, and we had a lovely chat. She has so many amazing stories, and a phone book to die for!

After the concert, we let our hair down in KS fashion. We headed straight for a curry house and ordered our favourite curries: from a plain butter chicken through to a lamb vindaloo, we had it covered. Then a few of us headed over to a games bar to play some pool and table tennis. We have so much fun at the end of tours like this!

Today, we’re heading into Sirius XM – a radio station based here in D.C. and we’ll be chatting all things GOLD. Then in the evening, it’ll be time to head to the airport and get back to our loved ones. I cannot wait to see Ellie. I’ll be sure to get cooking as soon as I’m home – I miss preparing meals! Hopefully Ellie will be grateful. I can’t wait for that first post-tour hug with my special lady.


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