In transit, Lincoln NE – Manhattan KS

I’m actually writing this in bed before going to sleep, but it’s far more interesting to pretend that I’m in the car driving through the plains of the Midwest on our way to our next destination. I can picture it in my mind now, having made similar journeys a good number of times in my KS career – nearly 11 years now. Crazy how time flies.

We’ve broken the back of this tour, and completed learning all the necessary repertoire (including premiering a new Alexander L’Estrange arrangement last night in Lincoln), so the group is now looking ahead to next term and some more brand new repertoire to perform in Poland and the USA. It’s great for Julian to be looking at music that’s fresh to the whole group; I know from experience how wonderful it is to see a brand new commission that can be shaped in a unique way without reference to how your predecessor used to sing it! Of course, it’s wonderful to have the experience that comes from past performances, but also wonderful to be the first person ever to sing a piece of music. That’s a privilege.

This trip has been a great success, and this will be my last blog of 2014. As I look back on all we have achieved, the concerts performed and recordings completed during the year, it makes me feel exhausted – but satisfied, too! If you can cope with everything this job throws at you and come up smiling, you deserve a decent Christmas break.

My girls flew across the pond on Tuesday, and I join them in Kentucky on Monday for a family celebration. I hope you all, wherever you are, have a restful Christmas, and a peaceful New Year. I look forward to seeing many of you in 2015, and to reaching new heights with the KS!


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