Lockdown Blog 27: Tomorrow will be a good day

So I had these grand plans for my blog today. I was going to draw inspiration from Nick and Pat’s blogs about music that had shaped me. I still intend to do that but it’ll have to wait for another week.

See, the thing is, this morning I had a wonderful 75 mins catch up with my godfather in New Zealand and we just yarned and yarned. It was lovely! Then my father-in-law called and he and I, and then my mother-in-law and I, spoke for another 75 mins. It was then time for breakfast before heading to brave Sainsbury’s.

For anyone who hasn’t been lucky enough to get a delivery slot for a supermarket and has therefore had to go in person – maybe you prefer the experience of going in yourself and getting what you need for your daily/weekly/fortnightly shop? – then you may now be familiar with having to queue outside, or inside on rainy days like today, standing two metres apart and waiting to be let in. It’s like queueing up for a theme park ride. Only difference is that everyone is socially distancing, the climax of the event comes with a bill ranging from a token amount to hefty, and you eat the prize over the coming days. So, basically not at all as good as a theme park ride. Still, needs must.

On the way home I made a few deliveries to a couple of neighbours and one other person on our local WhatsApp group, which was set up for anyone who needed anything during lockdown, or had the means to offer to do anything for those in need. Then it was straight into wiping down all of the items before putting them away. If you’re like us and try and shop once a fortnight then there’s a fair few items that need to go through this process. I was knackered by the end of it and needed to sit down for lunch…at 4:30pm!

The third call of the day, from a dear friend who I lived with in Oxford when I first joined The King’s Singers, lasted nearly an hour and we gabbled and gabbled. I love conversations that flow so easily. You’ll have friends, too, where you just pick up where you left off and it’s just lovely isn’t it?

Then it was onto recording for an upcoming video – watch this space! – followed by dinner, Vicar of Dibley, a Skype call with my brother and heavily pregnant sister-in-law, and now this. Tomorrow morning I’ve got yoga to look forward to and then a meeting with the guys before the epic King’s Singers 52nd Birthday Pub Quiz hosted by our very own quizmasters, Nick and Rosie! Can’t wait!

Finally, I can’t let today go by without wishing Captain Tom a very happy 100th birthday! What an absolute legend. The last time I wrote he’d raised over 18 million. That figure now stands at nearly 33 million!!! It’s quite astonishing…I shed a few tears this morning watching the clip on BBC where he was given a flyover by a Hurricane and a Spitfire. His words, as usual, really struck a chord with me, and I’m sure many others. He said, “I am one of the few people here who have seen the Hurricane’s and the Spitfire’s flying fast in anger, but today they are all flying peacefully, which is outstanding”. He’s such a wonderful man and the more I follow his story the more moved I feel. He’s been honoured with more than 140,000 birthday cards, currently on display at his grandson’s school; he’s been made an honorary member of the England Cricket team; he’s even been made an honorary colonel to which he replied ‘I’ll always be Captain Tom’!

So yes, a day full of aspirations to achieve things but, in the end, a day full of love, laughter, tears, happiness, relief and satisfaction at realising achievable goals. And in the words of Captain Tom, ‘Tomorrow will be a good day.’

Stay safe, stay positive, stay realistic and be kind to one other. Bye for now!


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