Tokyo, Japan


If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I adore Japan. The people, the food, the fashion, the aesthetic – everything. We’re here for nine concerts, and tonight we’re right in the middle of Tokyo at Kioi Hall, which has absolutely beautiful acoustics for chamber music, but is remarkable not just for its sound but also for its stunning wood panelling and sumptuous chandeliers. We have seven more concerts after this one on this tour before flying back to London on Monday 6th June. Our time in Asia is absolutely flying by, and I’m determined to savour every moment (and every bite) before we return west. Particular culinary favourites of mine in this part of the world are (of course) sushi and Japanese curry, but I really love inari (sweet tofu), wakame (seaweed) and (if I’m feeling really naughty) okonomiyaki (filled savoury pancakes) too. I’m not sure I have quite enough time to satisfy all my loves for this cuisine before I have to head home, but I’ll do my best….

One thing that’s particularly struck me on this visit is the attentiveness of Japanese audiences. Everyone is very still; everyone waits to applaud during the moment of repose at the end of a piece; no one tries to film the performance – everyone just watches it instead. They are an example to us all.

There is so much excitement still ahead for us this season, before we head off on our Summer break and David leaves us (*sob*) at the beginning of August. We have concerts across Germany, the USA, Sweden, France and Switzerland. I feel very lucky – even if it does mean a lot of time on planes!

Enjoy the weekend – I hope it’s as sunny where you are as it is here!



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