Tilburg, Netherlands

Hello! Or rather Goedendag – I’m writing as we whizz through the beautiful wintry Dutch countryside.

There is a dusting of snow, like icing sugar on some waffles. Not quite as impressive as the deep marzipan layer that covered Moscow yesterday, but then again it was -19°C there. Now I finally take a moment to reflect, this has been the most ludicrous week of travel. Today is my (and Eddie’s) tenth day on tour. It’s felt like at least five times that, and we’ve already been to many stunningly beautiful places.

Thinking back to Versailles last Tuesday, and everything that we’ve done since then, the term “whirlwind” doesn’t quite do it justice. Concerts, rehearsals, meetings, first aid training, flights, and a sleigh-full of music – I’m certainly glad of a few days break to make sense of it all before we zip off to the US and Canada next week!

Travelling the globe has always been something I’ve loved about being a professional singer. Our trip to Russia (my first ever!) was a lovely reminder of the binding power of music. Despite language barriers, the audience were so appreciative and attentive to our performance, and even kindly reciprocated by singing a rousing “Happy Birthday” to Johnny at the end of the concert! Then during our post-show signing various groups of audience members started spontaneously singing beautiful traditional Russian songs – such a warm, generous, and genuine act!

It’s been a phenomenal, and rewarding ten days. What on earth are the next ten and more going to bring?!

Hope you’re all keeping well and warm! Thank you all for your supportive words.




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