The Midlands, England

Some reflections about my first tour as a fully-fledged Kings Singer. 

But first some statistics, as, those of you who will get to know me, will soon realise that I am a numbers man!

5 concerts

3 countries

8 flights

90 pieces performed

1 lost tie

It has been tremendously exciting working with Pat, Jules, Chris, Nick and Johnny. They have all been fun travelling companions and excellent teachers in the art of being a King’s Singer. The variety of music we have performed with the inevitable vocal flexibility that this has called for is thrilling. Since joining the group, just two short weeks ago, I feel that I have many more vocal colours in my singing palette.

I have so enjoyed seeing the happy faces of audience members during our performances, and meeting friends of the group after each concert. I was particularly pleased to meet so many followers who had travelled from afar when we sang in Tilburg, The Netherlands. 

On other matters, I have been learning even more about a very exciting project we will soon be launching. We were delighted to talk to the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg, a fellow musician, when we were in Moscow about this project. He put together a short piece about our music which aired on the Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme on Friday. You can listen here. The interview  starts at 1 hr 21 mins.  

This all said, I am pleased to be home again to see my partner and family, for some rest, and for time to recover from a cold I picked up en route to Moscow! I look forward to meeting many of you in America in the coming weeks. 


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