Stuttgart, Germany

We often thank those who work for us in order that we may have our incredible touring schedule. These involve management and agents around the world, together with record companies, PR and a myriad of other colleagues with whom we may work from time to time. Yesterday, our former German agent Erika Esslinger attended our concert here in Stuttgart, and it was an opportunity for the younger members to meet and spend an evening with her, for the first time.

Erika was a friend to the original group back in their Cambridge days, and quickly saw that the fledgling group needed representation in order to start touring outside the UK. From the mid-1970s until around 10 years ago – around 40 years in total – she helped to oversee the expansion of touring in central Europe to the point that we are now the envy of choral ensembles the world over. It’s important to remember the people who got you where you are, and I’m delighted we’re still able to spend time with Erika.

This week is efficient: six concerts in seven days, before a quick breather at home followed by our Paris anniversary concert on St Valentine’s Day, next Wednesday. Stephanie and Bella are joining me for that concert, along with a phalanx of former KS and a full (and probably raucous!) house at the Salle Gaveau. It promises to be another memorable occasion for all.

Many of you will know that 1 May 1968 was our first official professional engagement, and some of you may be wanting to know whether we’re planning to mark that exact date during this year. Plans are afoot for a unique project, but sadly I can’t say any more at this stage…


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