We have a film crew with us in Singapore, which means we’re looking for all kinds of opportunities to show what life on the road is really like! In my case, life on the road is fairly dull as I spend the majority of time in my hotel room working and sleeping, but as this is a special occasion it’s been good to get out and about for some filming. The trick is to pretend the cameras aren’t really there, and when you’re off-guard they can pick up some really decent candid material. Then, at the end of each day, they get footage of our concerts to round things off.

Our audience tonight was as I remember from last time we visited. Although we’re in the smaller Victoria Hall this time (as opposed to the Esplanade, by the Marina) the acoustics are incredible, and we’re delighted to be singing in an intimate venue where we can really communicate with the audience. Which tonight included a gentleman on the front row who decided to talk through most of the first half, quite loudly! This got quite amusing at times, and it was funny to watch the exasperated usher who kept creeping in from the sides, doubled over, to try to get him to be quiet. He left (or, was asked to leave) at the interval.

This is a long trip, and I have to admit that I won’t miss these when I stop touring next year. I’ve had some fantastic messages of support since Tim and I announced our retirement from the KS two weeks ago, and the majority understand that family life should come first. It’s been so lovely to read them all! I’ve had an amazing time in this job, and learned so much about ensemble singing and how to present our craft to the world, and will definitely not be leaving music and singing behind. Watch this space for announcements soon!


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