Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hello All! Greetings from a very cold, very dry, very high …but VERY beautiful Santa Fe, down in New Mexico. Please excuse the bizarre time at which this went up (I am writing about Monday 5th December, though for folk in the UK it will appear on Tuesday morning!). We’re 7 hours behind the UK here, which makes staying in touch with our friends and loved ones fairly challenging – but we’re so thrilled to be here; it’s a place the group has been many times before, and will hopefully return many times more.

Yesterday we had the luxury of a clear day off. We used this to catch up with personal admin, get some good rest, visit the gym, and have meetings about the group’s future plans. It was a really productive day, and this sort of day helps us to feel refreshed for the next set of concerts, starting with tonight’s in the enormous basilica here in Santa Fe*.

Today we enjoyed giving a masterclass for two excellent groups of singers from the local area, and we encouraged them to really embrace and embody the music they were singing, rather than to present it as an artwork ‘at arm’s length’. As a group, The King’s Singers try to sell the music it is singing at any given time as if it were the most important, most beautiful thing in the world, no matter what the piece! It was great to encourage these New Mexico ensembles to do the same with their music.

I’m now back at the hotel, taking on board as much water as humanly possible, to counteract the drying effects of the air up at this relatively high altitude. Then I’ll be slipping into the lovely blue KS suit and heading over to the basilica ready for tonight’s concert. Tomorrow we head to Houston, Texas, and I can’t wait to meet the famously friendly Texan fans!


* For the true music geeks reading, you may like to know that Igor Stravinsky conducted a performance of his ‘Symphony of Psalms’ at this very church back in the 60s.


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