Rummaging through a dumpster at half time and trying to pronounce the longest place name in NZ

The other night my life reached a new low…

We were about to go onstage and then I realised I didn’t have my Invisalign retainers in. I searched rapidly before realising that I had left them wrapped in a paper serviette upstairs where we ate dinner. We had to start the show so I would have to search for them during the interval. Fast forward an hour and I found myself rummaging through a dumpster looking for my Invisalign retainers. I was so desperate to find them that I was prepared to do whatever it took to retrieve them. I do hope this never has to happen again because I feel like I lost a piece of soul in the process!

Been thinking about my trip to NZ over the Summer. Such a joy to be back home and surrounded by family, friends, nature, exceptional coffee, wine and food! What more does one need from a holiday?!!

What was special about being home was that I totally reconnected with Christchurch in a way that I hadn’t necessarily done so on previous fleeting visits, especially the ones visiting Dad in hospital. Walking round town and seeing amazing new lanes and what not was fantastic! The Riverside Market is as good a place of its type as anywhere I’ve been to in the world. I was blown away – when did ‘Christchurch’ and ‘trendy’ get mentioned in the same sentence?! It was the first time since Dad passed away that I could see myself living there again…genuinely.

A week or so earlier I was walking from Marahau to Apple Tree Bay with my brother, Al, on one of our five days in Golden Bay. It was amazing and reminded me just how stunning NZ, particularly that part of NZ, is. I love that smell of the bush, and the birdsong was heavenly! I took so many pictures and videos but they don’t do it justice. You’ll just have to go yourself!

Another highlight was catching up with Jules and Vic at the campsite where I’d spent my childhood summers camping every year. It was extremely serendipitous and cooking bacon and eggs on a camp stove next to the beach overlooking the seas is about as Kiwi as it gets. Super chilled out, super simple, super tasty!

And I’ll finish with a memory of a visit to the longest place name in NZ (and perhaps the world?!) just after Christmas, down the road from my cousins. It’s called Taumatawhakatangihangakōauauotamateapōkaiwhenuakitānatahu. And if you fancy pronouncing it, try this: Toe-mah-tah-fah-kah-tah-ngi-hah-nga-kaw-oh-oh-aw-ta-ma-te-a-too-ri-poo-ka-ka-pee-kee-mow-nga-haw-raw-noo-koo-paw-kai-feh-noo-ah-kee-tah-nah-tah-hoo. Or here is a more legit way of learning it!

See you soon / Ka kite ano!


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