Perth, Australia

G’day! I hope that you are all doing well.  It sounds as though that the UK is pretty chilly right now so be sure to wrap up warm if you’re over there!

We arrived in Perth in the early hours of Monday morning and yesterday afternoon we had a wonderful lunch altogether by the river. It was cloudy and only for a brief time did the sun peak out but we all still managed to get sunburnt! It really does remind you just how agressive the sun is in this part of the world. I remember Gemma’s dad warning me about the NZ sun and I foolishly didn’t heed his advice when going for a very short run a couple of years ago. The back of my neck was completely burnt – I thought I’d learnt my lesson but obviously not! Weird to think that I’m getting sunburnt here and Gemma’s got her winter coat and scarf on in London.

Right, well I’m gonna start memorising a surprise NZ pop song for our time there in a few days – can’t wait to see their reaction!


Toodle-oo for now….


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