Overalls and paint… Creating the artwork for GOLD in pictures

We have kept one thing to ourselves until now – the six of us created the artwork for all the GOLD materials: the premium product set, the book, the album and more. We couldn’t work out whether we looked more like painter-decorators or NASA astronauts (the latter, don’t you think?), but with the support of Mike Abrahams and Brian Deighton we went into a studio in London and created pieces of art – each one with a contribution from all six of us – and these have been used to create the logo for GOLD and all the artwork that you will see in the coming months including on the GOLD box set. We’re sharing a few photos from the session, below.

If you haven’t purchased the set yet and wish to, you can find out more detail and purchase the set on the Signum Records website. Don’t forget, if you sign up to the mailing list, you’ll be emailed a secret link which gives you a 20% discount as a Friend of the KS.


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