November 28, 2022

Wigmore Hall: the reviews are in!

After an exciting performance last week at London's hallowed Wigmore Hall, we were thrilled t0 see warm and positive responses online. Those who had watched the live stream, or listened live on BBC Radio 3 seemed to have really enjoyed it. And importantly, the new works - commissioned by the Foundation - had set sail into the world to begin their life, hopefully, in the choral canon.Now, the press reviews from two of the UK's leading national newspapers have come in, and we wanted to share them here! As an artist, it's dangerous to get too emotionally invested in reviews - it's always only one person's perspective and the artist has to have faith in what they're doing, and in audience reactions, regardless of reviews. But still, it's nice when they're ..nice!Click here to read The Guardian review, and click here to read The Times review.The Guardian: 'subversive and open-minded beneath a honeyed veneer ... The King's Singers sound is immediately distinctive, in any repertoire.' The Times: 'Almost 55 years on, their latest suuccessors are just as polished musically, and just as winsome ... It was all mellifluously and flawlessly performed'.