March 26, 2024

The King’s Singers are ‘Back! In Harmony’ in Australia and New Zealand

The King’s Singers are returning triumphantly from their ‘Back! In Harmony’ tour of Australia and New Zealand, where they have delighted antipodean audiences for the first time in 5 years, touring eight major cities with production company Spiritworks.


“As well their ability to sing like a choir of angels they can sing like a rowdy pub crowd or an earnest revolutionary mob… a concert filled with moments of vocal magic”

NZ Arts Review: Full review

“a beautifully curated programme transporting us around the world and through the centuries, with superlative singing”

NZ Herald: Full review

“Their voices soaring and swooping like birds, and their ensemble work perfectly shaped, the King’s Singers delivered a performance of exquisite and refined beauty.”

The Post: Full review

"Derek Bogle’s song ‘’And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda” always brings me to tears but the dissonance between the bare-faced lyrics…and the light musical setting was even more poignant due to beauty of the arrangement and the softly caressing warm velvety tones that is the King’s Singer’s signature sound.”

On The House: Full review

"The harmony, balance and resonance of this a cappella troupe is second to none... by any measure, this was a perfect performance."

Melbourne Observer: Full review

"With a bass line evoking the threnody of the pipes, and beautiful complex harmonies enhancing a simple melody this was a song for the ages, and there was the “good silence” in the audience as all of us were enthralled...One imagined the acoustic of a cathedral as we heard their glorious harmonies, cut-glass counter-tenor lines soaring to the stratosphere, and counter-balancing deep bass. Just glorious."

Weekend Notes: Full review

“This is an incredibly good singing group. The pitch, the timing, the phrasing was all flawless. They look like they are having a good time and enjoying what they are doing.”

City News: Full review