May 20, 2022

The album artwork story we never told

The other day, we got an email from a recent graduate called Brianne, asking us some great questions about our ‘Finding Harmony’ album that came out just over 2 years ago. It made us realise that (what with COVID..) we literally forgot to explain the interesting story behind the colourful album artwork. So here it is… It starts back in 2018, when we did a fascinating collaborative performance with digital graphic artist Felix Faire. He used bespoke computer code to turn our live singing into real-time projected graphics, with the qualities of the sound dictating the shapes, colours and movement of the art.

When we finished recording Finding Harmony, in 2019, we sent Felix the opening track - ‘One Day', by Michel Legrand - and he generated some similar artwork, using our recorded voices to generate the imagery. And when we hit the final chord of the piece, this beautiful colourful circle appeared. Felix took a screenshot and sent it to us. It seemed like the perfect cover art. Voices coming together to make something colourful, and more beautiful than the sum of the parts. So there it is! The story we never told.