October 22, 2021

New Christmas Carols album released

Yes, okay, fine: it's only late October, and somehow Christmas seems to arrive earlier and earlier each year. But our latest album has just been released today and we are really excited about it! It's called 'Christmas Carols with The King's Singers', and it is a simple title for a simple idea: a newly-recorded collection of 25 of our favourite Christmas carols - some familiar since our childhoods, and some collected on our travels around the world.Though there is a spread of eight different languages on the album, the tracks united by their inherent sense of homely, musical familiarity. The harmonies, words, melodies, and arrangements are some of the most well-loved and well-trodden, often just lightly adapted to work for our forces. We designed the album to capture in sound that particular feeling called 'Christmassy', which we all feel to different extents in the winter months.Whether you feel excitement, or dread, at the thought of new Christmas albums already out in circulation, whenever you feel ready to put it on we are really excited to know what you think. Particularly, which carols you maybe know and love already, and which ones are new to you but could become the soundtrack to some future Christmases.Happy listening, and do get in touch with us through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email to let us know your thoughts. We really do read the messages! Christmas Carols with The King's Singers