April 24, 2023

Bachkirche, Arnstadt, Germany

"While the latter's works, sung in English and Latin, were religious in content, things got humorous afterwards with György Ligeti: the Hungarian composed "Nonsense Madrigals", whose texts were inspired by stories from "Alice in Wonderland". Even those who did not speak English and therefore did not understand how a lobster asked a snail to dance, sensed the humour in the performance of the six singers."

"The subsequent leap to the Disney Studios, which have been in existence for 100 years, was by no means a break in style but, thanks to the artistic quality of the King's Singers, a concluding listening pleasure that was rounded off with abundant applause and several encores. It is always a pleasure to sing in Arnstadt, the artists said; they would be happy to come back."

Berit Richter, Thüringer Allgemeine, Germany