Manila Airport

Johnny was right in thinking that it was going to be a special concert with the Philippine Madrigal Singers. In fact, it was extra special, and the reaction from the audience was incredible. We were told that the people of the Philippines love selfies, and that’s a fact! After the concert we went to a completely packed lobby to meet nearly every member of the sell-out public. It will be an evening I long remember. In fact, it was a stay to remember. As Chris wrote in his ‘blog on Friday, it’s rare for all the members of the group to visit a place for the first time, but this was so for the Philippines. I so hope we get to go back very soon, and for me, it would be great if that was before August 2016 (I’m not sure that’s possible, but…)

Yesterday we had a rare day off, and four of us went for a trip to the Intramuros (the walled old town), visiting the Cathedral and other beautiful places. The highlight for me was a visit to an old house, that had been turned into a museum. This was gracious living at its best, with double aspect open sided rooms, which allowed the breeze to cool the interior in the days before air conditioning. There was some fabulous narra wood furniture, including a huge dining table made from one enormous piece of wood. Sadly you weren’t able to take photos in the museum, so I can’t show you a picture, but I can assure you that it was beautiful. Later on in the afternoon, four of the KS (sans countertenors) went to a spa for beauty therapies and massages, before we all joined the Madz for dinner in the fantastic penthouse home of one of the Madz’s former singers. Up on the 54th floor you had breathtaking views of the city, and the air was cooler at that height, which was a relief after a rather sultry day.

I would like to say thank you to all the Madz, past and present, for their generous hospitality over the three days. Also, it was lovely to hear them sing, and to perform with them. I would also like to thank Ily Maniano, another former Madrigal Singer (and a countertenor!), for his lovely arrangement of Sa ugoy ng duyan, a famous folk song, which was our last encore.

We are now heading to China for five days, and although this is somewhere we’ve been to before, I’m looking forward to this very much. I think it might be a touch cooler, although that’s not a given. After the 40C in Doha, and the humid mid 30s in Manila, I would welcome a slightly lower temperature!

Oh dear, I seem to have fallen into my usual ‘blog style, with too many superlatives, and a discussion of the weather. Well, I apologise for the weather talk, but this trip deserves the superlatives.


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