London, UK

It’s a bit of a running joke in The King’s Singers that I’m not very good at writing my weekly blog posts. I can see why. I wouldn’t say my submissions have necessarily been…routine. But I worry that you’re going to think that what I’m going to write will be, well, boring. I love my life, but why should you?

Anyway, today is very different. I have to tell you about today. There are, of course, the everyday things. I woke up at home in East London this morning, did an hour-long spin class with my flatmate Jessie, then went home and showered, shaved and ate a (reasonably) healthy lunch. But at that point I jumped in a taxi to an extraordinary event that’s happening today: our big 50th anniversary concert here in London, at St John’s, Smith Square. I arrived to watch a workshop  led by four of my illustrious predecessors: the original first countertenor, Nigel Perrin; his successor, Jeremy Jackman; and my bass grandfather and great-grandfather, Colin Mason and Brian Kay. They are all true masters of their craft, and its easy to see how The King’s Singers has thrived with them as members. We then had our own (current) King’s Singers rehearsal, before a little window of private time, during which I’m writing this. Jules and Chris G are taking part in a pre-concert forum with former members in ten minutes, before we all go on stage in just over an hour.

What’s so special about today is being surrounded by so many people without whom our group would no longer exist, all under one roof. Former members, managers and collaborators are united with all the people without whom our lives would fall apart today. This evening’s concert is about so much more than the six of us on stage; it’s a celebration of all the people who are part of The King’s Singers family, and whose contributions, however big or small, have made a real impact on our lives.

I should go and get ready, but before I do – in case you’re here this evening – please know that I am enormously grateful that you’re here with us, to give thanks for everything The King’s Singers have achieved in fifty years, and to celebrate the power of music to bring us all together. I think it will be a very special night.


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