London, UK

Good afternoon everyone! Happy April fools’ Day. Also, a very Happy Birthday to Paul Phoenix, Jules’ predecessor, who celebrates his birthday today!

It’s gloriously sunny here in London today, and it’s a non-singing day for us. We got back yesterday from Berlin, where we had a concert in the Spandau area on Saturday evening in the atmospheric Zitadelle fortress. It was a very special concert for me for several reasons: (1) Ellie came over to Berlin for the weekend, so it was lovely to have her around, (2) The concert had been organised by the father of my friend Charlotte, whom I was really happy to see and to catch up with (albeit briefly), and (3) every concert is special.

Yesterday, before flying home, Ellie and I spent a nice day in the centre of Berlin, having brunch and a nice long walk through the city. It’s so beautiful there, and has such a distinctive character as a city. It was a nice (and rare) term-time treat to explore a city with Ellie. Must do it again!

I’ve been a bit sick for the last week, and haven’t had much chance to recover properly – the show must go on! So I’m grateful for a few non-singing days now to catch up with myself, before we head back to Germany for the last few shows of term.

The final thing to say is that if you haven’t already seen it, you may like to have a look at our April fool album release on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, you may like to have a look. It took a good thirty minutes on Photoshop, but has been totally worth it to see people’s reactions to the idea of a Justin Bieber release from the group. Panic not, it’s not happening (at least any time soon..!).


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