Lockdown Blog 34: Quizzical Education

Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve had as sunny a weekend as we’ve had in London, but I hope your weekend didn’t involve as many quizzes as mine did.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good quiz. Or even a mediocre/rubbish one. However, when The Great Lockdown of 2020 started, the online quiz with family/friends/colleagues/your street WhatsApp group/absolute randomers was such an exciting novelty. Now however…. I mean I don’t want to say I’m getting bored of them, but the veneer is starting to wear off.

This weekend we had a quiz each night. That’s pretty much been the theme of every weekend for the last 2 months. I’m amazed that we don’t now actually know all trivia facts that there are to know, and that we’ve run out of questions. Rosie and I spent a long few days learning all the capitals of African countries in the vague hope that it’d give us that extra edge in the constant quizzes. Has a single African capital appeared in any of the questions?! Obviously not.

Anyway, here’s a choice picking of some things that we’ve learnt in quizzes since Lockdown. Please enjoy, and get remember them for your next quiz:

  • The largest island in the world is Greenland
  • Quantum of Solace is the only Bond film to feature a duet in its theme song (Alicia Keys and Jack White from the White Stripes (side-note: Rosie only just realised why the White stripes are called the White Stripes)
  • Pogonophobia is a fear of beards
  • Safari is a Swahili word that means ‘to travel’
  • Two of Arnold Schwarznegger’s pets are called Whiskey and Lulu; a Miniature Horse and Donkey
  • The only country in the world with a one word name that includes all 5 vowels is….. Mozambique

Well there you go. That’s the end of my knowledge. Good luck with your online quizzing. Make sure you come up with a natty team name (e.g. Livin’ Covida Loca) so you’ll at least get a bonus point.

Keep happy, and keep singing!

Nick x


p.s. If you haven’t seen our And So It Goes video yet, what HAVE you been doing?! It’s here and in the comments is a link to a donation page for the phenomenal humans that created the spectacular video. Enjoy!


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