Lockdown Blog 29: To plant or not to plant?

Hello again! I trust you’re all still safe and well. We’ve been told we’re (finally) past the peak of the pandemic in the UK, with some people even suggesting that offices, restaurants and gyms might be able to re-open before the end of the month. I’m not going to hold my breath, but that is exciting news.

With so much time at home – and as my thoughts turn to buying a new flat over the course of 2020 (we all need something to look forward to) – I’ve been thinking about ways I can make better use of the space I have, and how I can turn it more into the kind of space I really want to spend time in. One of the great challenges of being a touring musician is that, with so much time away, it’s very hard to keep plants alive. I currently have one Kentia palm that’s just about survived, but that’s it. My calathea wilted in about three months last year, to my great disappointment. Now, I do get new flowers almost every week – currently there’s one bouquet in the living room and another in my bedroom. Benefits include that there’s no soil involved to dirty your house, and when they die after a fortnight or so, you knew it was coming – so there’s no overwhelming sense of failure at your lack of green fingers. But to fill your whole house with flowers every week would be to bankrupt yourself – something I’m keen  not to do. 😅

My first thought has been to think about coating the living room in this Martinique wallpaper, perhaps most famously used to cover (almost all) the walls of The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles (I’ve been watching Hollywood on Netflix, where this amazing hotel features – and goodness do I want to go back). But will it make the room feel smaller? Will it be too garish? Then I noticed that some of the walls in our local coffee shop were covered with fake flora, and I thought I could do much the same to my ceiling (perhaps in the style of this extraordinary bathroom). I think that’s probably going a little over the top, though. Finally, I thought I could just play noises from the rainforest on loop, to immerse myself in the sounds of nature – but I don’t think that wouldn’t be my environmentally sustainable move.

And so I turn to you – do you have any thoughts about how to make your house feel greener without needing to fill it with living things? Please let me know. I promise I’ll send some before and after shots if I do end up buying a new place, so you can see if I took on any of your advice. 😉



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