Lockdown Blog 25: A year in pictures

Hi everyone,

Given that this lockdown is understandably lasting a long while, I thought I’d spend some time thinking back to some lovely times from 2019, in no particular order.  Some are trivial, some are serious.  But they were all happy moments :-)

Much love to you all, and keep safe!

Until the next time,


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Daisy when she was a tiny puppy!


At the top of the tower of my musical home, St Mary’s Warwick, in the summer holiday


Doing an indoor skydive (one of my birthday pressies from Craig)


Meeting Hisako, Princess Takamado, who also studied at Girton College, Cambridge


Hong Kong!


Working with Alice, one of my best friends, who coached us in the Gaelic language for Finding Harmony


Returning to King’s College Chapel for a service of Compline at our Summer School



Riding in a speed boat in Guernsey


Performing James MacMillan’s Quickening at The Edinburgh International Festival with Ed Gardner and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra


Holidaying with Craig


Travelling over the Glenfinnan Viaduct (the one that the Hogwarts Express passes over in Harry Potter!)


Singing with Wallis Guinta!


Always a happy view! The sight that home is close


Meeting Bru and Liz on holiday in the Hebrides, and going for a very muddy walk


Boating in Guernsey


Cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge


Doing a car boot sale to raise some money for charity


Dressing up in (in my old school uniform) for a trip into history at the Goodwood Revival with my family


Walking with Craig


The wonderful participants from our Summer School


Me and Bertie at Goodwood


Gluten-free pancakes


Performing at The Bing Concert Hall in Stanford, CA


Hot chocolate in Switzerland


Performing in the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg


Watching a talk by Cristina Mittermeier in Phoenix, Arizona with Bru


The view of the stage 30 minutes before my debut with The King’s Singers


Punting in Cambridge


Experiencing minus 40 celsius for the first time ever


Going to the GRAMMYs


A delicious meal in Louisiana


Getting to drive HUGE American cars


Go Karting!


Meeting you wonderful fans


Posing as Harry Potter with Pat


Recording The Library Vol. 1


Filming for one of our music videos


Performing in Oxford!


San Francisco!


My Advent calendar of goodies


Visiting Westminster Abbey


The Faroe Islands


National Trust property visits




Afternoon Tea


Rooftop tour of Hampton Court Palace




Family parties


Going away for Christmas


Scrabble (Craig was winning!)


Any time spent in nature


A walk in the Alps


The sleeper train to Scotland


The most amusing shower curtain ever


Pat being clumsy…again


Gluten-free goodies




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