Interview with Thread MB

We recently spoke to Thread MD about the origins of The King’s Singers and what we’re looking forward to in 2017.

So many genres of music today are branching out through the mixing of other genres of music (example. Rap with Country). Would and (are) you planning to do the same or will you remain pure to tradition?

We will always honour our heritage. Our choral landscape is so rich, there’s no way we can,  or would want to, ignore it. But we can also develop it by bringing together musicians from across the world of music. That’s how we don’t stagnate. And that’s how the most exciting feats of creativity will happen. We have a lot of this planned over the next few years, not just including different styles of classical music, but looking completely outside our normal choral world, to rap, pop, folk and even further afield.

Read the full interview on their website.


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