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This week I have been mostly constructing a climbing frame in our garden at home. Not by myself, of course – that would be silly. I acted as willing assistant to our tame handyman, who over the years has done great things for us. I’m not a great believer in DIY, which to me stands for Don’t Involve Yourself. I prefer YDI (You Do It).

Not that we’re experiencing a particularly stellar summer in the UK, as yet. My vision of the children excitedly rushing outside to play al fresco was dampened somewhat by an inclement few days, meaning that I expect I’ll be heading out on tour next week before they really have the chance to get stuck in.

Still, the bad weather does give me a reason to stay inside and scan music for the upcoming tours. Although most of our library is being digitised remotely, there are some pieces that we already have in our homes, so the onus is on us to scan our own scores in readiness for performance. Even after such a short time, handling actual paper scores seems so retro…

A few of you have written to us about the iPad project, expressing concern that we must be doing hard-working composers and publishers out of royalty income because we’re using scanned copies. We can assure you that we’re not. If you think about it, there’s no value in such a project unless we use our own personal copies, and scan them in individually. As such, every score is already in our library and has either been properly purchased or forms part of our extensive collection of manuscripts. No copyright infringement here, meaning you can all rest easy in your beds…


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