Genoa, Italy

Good morning, and ‘happy February’ from me! I kicked off my February with a lovely little weekend break to Amsterdam with Ellie. When the group got back from the USA last week, Ellie and I wanted to enjoy some quality time together so decided to take the short trip over to the Netherlands to see the sights! We had a very nice weekend – ate some great food and saw the beautiful sights of that beautiful city. A personal highlight for me was going to the Rijksmuseum and seeing Vermeer’s painting ‘The Milkmaid’ which is a stunning work of art. The beautiful soft light flooding through the window creates an amazing colour-scape, and the fact that everything in the painting is still & stationary except for the milk flowing from the jug gives it a sort of timeless feel. It’s such a famous painting and I was so happy to see it live.

Last night, we arrived back at London Gatwick airport then got the train back home and I repacked. This morning I zipped straight back to Gatwick airport again (!) and I’m now writing this from a flight to Genoa, Italy, where we give a concert tonight. Italy is always a joy, in terms of food, surroundings and audiences, but one particular challenge of touring Italy is the late concert times. Tonight we begin at 9pm, which is normal for Italy, but dangerously close to my ideal bedtime for a drowsy Englishman! I’m sure the wild and wonderful crowd will give us all a big energy boost when the clock strikes 9.

Never ones to sit still, tomorrow we’ll be up in Germany, for a concert in the charming university town of Wurzburg. Last time we were there, we performed an interesting programme of music with chamber organ, but tomorrow we’ll be doing a KS-only GOLD show, with a lovely smattering of music in German to keep the audience happy!


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