En route to Cambridge

Good morning, all! How is everybody? I hope you are well and enjoying the lead-up to Christmas. The festive season seems to be well underway and the shops are bustling with Christmas goodies. I love it. I can’t wait til the big day – to see Harry’s face light up when he sees all his presents. To be honest, he’ll probably be more excited about playing with the boxes, rather than the contents but it’s the though that counts! :)

I’m currently at my mum’s house in Chelmsford, en route from London to Cambridge for tonight’s concert at King’s College Chapel in Cambridge. I’m really glad that my mum, Gemma and lots of family and friends can be there tonight. It’s my last UK concert and you really couldn’t ask for a more special venue – where The King’s Singers were born. It’s amazing to think about all the history of the group, isn’t it? I’m very proud of it and so humbled to be a part of this amazing, ongoing story.

Today also marks the last UK date for our General Manager, Claire Long and her incredibly office at Music Productions. I don’t have enough words to thank her and her team for all the amazing years of service and for all they have done to make The King’s Singers’ career as wonderful as possible. Claire is a true blueprint of what a manager should be, and one that will certainly inspire me next year when I start working as an Artist Manager at Hazard Chase. Claire – you and your team have always been there for us, no matter what the day, no matter what the time, and for that we are truly, truly grateful. Thank you so, so much Claire, Louisa and Meg – we all owe you so much xxx


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