Culture Recovery Grant signals bright future

We are so delighted to announce that we have been awarded a generous grant from Arts Council England’s Culture Recovery Fund. This is a fund set up to help arts organisations transition back to a normal working model after an unprecedentedly challenging year. It has now distributed over £1.5 billion to arts organisations nationally who were in need of financial support. 

Sir Nicholas Serota, Chair of Arts Council England said: “Investing in a thriving cultural sector at the heart of communities is a vital part of helping the whole country to recover from the pandemic. These grants will help to re-open theatres, concert halls, and museums and will give artists and companies the opportunity to begin making new work. “

Whilst we feel for many great organisations which have not been lucky this time, we are thrilled to have been awarded a grant which will enable us to start putting key plans into action. We have spent much of the last year designing what we believe are truly beautiful creative projects which we hope will have a meaningful impact on our audiences around the world, and set The King’s Singers on a great course over the coming 3 years. But after a financially difficult year, we needed financial help in order to be able to make these a reality. From basic operational costs through to key artistic investments, this grant will give us the breathing space to look ahead and rebuild the successful and fulfilling model which has taken the group through more than five decades of music-making.

To find out more about these new projects, and to see the slow return of our normal activity, make sure to stay in touch with us through our newsletter, our Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter accounts, and through our website, where you can find confirmed concert dates as and when they appear.


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