Battersea, London

When the stars align I manage to be home for some or all of my children’s Half Term break, and this week marks the first time in a while that I’ve been around to enjoy some family time during the school break. So far this week we’ve enjoyed some pre-Hallowe’en fun – pumpkin carving, spooky trails, scary movies at home and the obligatory dressing up, to be precise. And it’s been great fun!

Today, Stephanie and I took the chance to head up to London for the Alpine Festival in Battersea Park, a place we used to visit when we lived in London. The annual family ski trip has become something of a tradition and we’ve never managed to get to this event before, so it was great to be able to go up and check out some new gear, picking up a few bargains on the way. Personally I’ve decided that the ski onesie is definitely about to make a comeback, so I invested in two particularly fine examples that will cut quite a dash on the slopes of France this winter. Possibly.

Away from skiing and Hallowe’en, we’ve been looking ahead to the Christmas break (and before that, Thanksgiving) and planning our time. It sounds crazy, and I’m somebody who dislikes with a passion the commercial nature of these festivals and how they encroach ever more on our time (honestly, there are some Christmas decorations up already in the shops and it really gets my goat). However, when you live an itinerant lifestyle and are seldom at home during November and December, it becomes imperative to plan things early – otherwise they just go wrong! I’m pleased to say that things are very much in order and the festive season can’t come soon enough. Hopefully, this year Lyra (aged 5) won’t decide to beat up one of the shepherds at the church nativity…


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