Avignon, France

Aside from the highly enjoyable photoshoot last Tuesday, this past week been an uncharacteristically uneventful one for our 50th anniversary year. But that is mainly to balance the very busy few weeks we have coming up: these next 17 days have 13 concerts in them, in six different countries across Europe.

To keep my body and mind in gear, on the weekend I competed (though that’s a rather strong word for my involvement) in a 10 kilometre run in Richmond Park — one of London’s beautiful parks, which is not far from my home. I completed it in under an hour, which (for my first ‘proper’ run) I was jolly happy with. I believe Johnny did a half marathon yesterday, which rather puts my efforts in perspective, but I’ll get there one day!

Aside from that, I’ve really enjoyed having over a week sleeping in my own bed, and cooking my own food. Ellie and I have made some initial steps towards planning our wedding, and I’ve managed to see my brother and a few friends over the course of the week. So all in all, I’m feeling ready to be back on the road this morning. I’m writing this from a plane en route from London to Marseille, from where we’ll be driving to Avignon for a concert tonight in the lovely-looking ‘Eglise Saint Didier’.
I’m also pleased to report that my skills at sudoku are improving. I’ve been trying them out over the last few weeks, and enjoying the process of improving. I’m more naturally literate than numerate, so I like to think my increased swiftness and success in the daily ‘The Times’ sudoku is indicative of an increased proficiency in dealing with numbers. Well, the numbers 1-9, at least.

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