At Home

It’s the 4th of July, which is just another day here in the UK! Of course in the US, where we head on Wednesday, it’s a day of celebration, although I’m slightly unsure why! I have spent a lovely morning in my garden with Chris B recording a few memories of my time in the KS. It’s getting rather close – on Wednesday it will be a month until my last concert. I can’t believe how quickly time is passing, but then again the last 26 years have whizzed by. We have had a week at home to prepare for summer the trip to the US, along with some European concerts which follow on pretty quickly. In fact after Salt Lake City, we won’t have time to go home, but will instead be transiting through Heathrow on our way to Konstanz, in southern Germany. The last week has been busy, both with KS and non-KS things. I had an interview with Minnesota Public Radio, which I did from my local BBC Radio station, Radio Solent in Southampton. I’ve done this a few times before, and it’s not quite as glamorous as it sounds, as the ‘studio’ used is more of a cupboard. They do seem to have upgraded the lighting since I last went, though. I’ve also been trying to catch up with the bolting plants in my garden. The combination of lots of rain (in fact record breaking rainfall for June, apparently) with a bit of sunshine, has caused things to grow and grow. Over the last few days I have generated huge piles of cuttings and clippings down at the bottom of the garden, even starting a third compost heap, but it has hardly scratched the surface. Looking on the bright side, it looks natural, if slightly untamed. On the other hand I’ll will be back to square one when I get back from the US. I’m hoping to have more time to keep things under control from September, although I’m not crossing my fingers. There are lots of things I’ve promised myself post KS, so I suspect I’ll be as busy as ever, and the natural, untamed look (of my garden!) will continue.


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