Here’s a Howdy Do!

Label: Sony BMG | Year: 1993

Singers: David Hurley (countertenor), Alastair Hume (countertenor), Robert Chilcott (tenor), Bruce Russell (baritone), Simon Carrington (baritone), Stephen Connolly (bass)

Accompaniment: Wild Ray Snurck (organ and piano), Mamadi kamara (congas and Ugandan drum), Chris Laurence (double bass)

Track Listing

  1. HMS Pinafore: A British Tar 2:50
  2. The Mikado: The Sun Whose Rays 3:20
  3. The Gondoliers: Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes 3:46
  4. Ruddigore: The Ghosts' High-Noon 3:18
  5. The Pirates Of Penzance: Ah, Leave Me Not 3:19
  6. The Mikado: A Wand'ring Minstrel I 4:25
  7. The Pirates Of Penzance: The Pirate King 2:18
  8. The Mikado: Tit Willow 3:34
  9. The Pirates Of Penzance: With Cat-Like Tread 4:01
  10. The Mikado: Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day 3:45
  11. The Mikado: A More Humane Mikado 4:21
  12. The Gondoliers: Rising Early In The Morning 4:20
  13. Gilbert & Sullivan Medley 4:08
  14. Patter Matter 4:44
  15. The Mikado: Here's A Howdy Do 2:36

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