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As you probably know by now, we celebrate the birth of The King’s Singers as 1st May 1968, which was the debut performance in the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, as ‘The King’s Singers’. However, it would be fair to say that 1972 was the real kick-starter year that launched the group into the success that would follow. Besides the commissioning of one of the group’s flagship works – ‘Timepiece’ by Paul Patterson – and the recording of ‘The King’s Singers Collection’ produced by Sir George Martin, the group was offered a 35-concert tour which covered Australia and New Zealand, and lasted the best part of 2 months. Deciding to take on this tour or turn it down was what forced the group to decide whether or not to go full-time and quit other employment. Safe to say, they chose to take the tour, and the international side of the group’s career (which now accounts for over 90% of KS activity) was launched. This 1972 Antipodean trip was a long tour, made even longer by the fact that in those days it took almost 2 days and many flights to get from the UK down to Australia. On return to the UK, the married members of the group reported back to their loved ones how ‘terribly tough’ it had been, and how ‘every day was a struggle without you, darling’. However, when the tour photos had been developed, and 99% of them showed us in swimming trunks by a pool holding a glass of something ice-cold, we made a collective mental note: be careful with the photos, chaps!





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