The Midlands, England

Well, my first term as a King’s Singer is done! It has been eventful, exhilarating and exhausting in equal measure; after all we did perform 548 pieces, in 84 days, in 9 countries, 13 US States and 2 Canadian Provinces.  

Inevitably, the learning curve has been steep, but has provided a very rewarding adventure.  To my delight, I am slowly meeting much of the King’s Singers’ extended family: our agents in each country, friends in every place we visit, and fans from around the world.  

Overall, I have come to understand, more than ever before, that music has the power to unite people, help them feel their emotions and bring some light into the world.  Travelling the world, singing music of literally any era, genre and language, with five friends is a dream come true, but having had this realisation, has made the job infinitely fulfilling.

As I have promised on numerous occasions, I have compiled some numbers about this term. I hope you enjoy reading them:

Number of pieces performed: 548

Days of term: 84

Concerts: 29

Cancelled concerts:

Flights: 34

Countries visited:

US States visited: 13

Canadian Provinces visited: 2

TV and radio interviews: 5

Pre-concert talks: 1

Lectures: 1

Masterclasses: 4

Joint performances: 7

Q&A sessions: 1

Countries visited: US, Canada, France, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Italy, UK

Recording days: 2

Music video days: 1

A little part of me is delighted to have a few weeks at home over Easter, but I am also very excited for the term ahead.  In the first two weeks of our summer term we will perform concerts in France, the UK, Poland, Germany and Russia, including a performance at Wigmore Hall in London which is going to be broadcast live on BBC Radio 3.

Before the holiday is out I am looking forward to celebrating my grandmother’s 80th birthday, and a trip to Iceland with my partner; goodness knows why I decided to go somewhere which means yet another flight when I have just done 34 in 84 days!

Finally, I thank my five colleagues for helping me to learn so much music, and for being such good company along the way. 


Instagram and Twitter: @edwardbutton1


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