Provo, Utah, USA

Here we are back in Utah – one of our most-visited states in the USA, and for a double-header of concerts that brings us almost to the end of this first GOLD tour of our season. Next month sees us celebrate Christmas with a tour of Europe, and it’ll be good to be closer to home before our winter break.

Having said that, we do love being here with the enthusiastic audiences and unique landscape – we managed to make our usual pilgrimage up to Sundance whilst in Provo, and the mountains provide fresh air and breathtaking scenery in equal measure. And, although we haven’t had a masterclass this time around, I’m reminded of the fine singing of the choirs here at BYU, as well as the close proximity of all our friends in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir up in Salt Lake City.

This past week has seen us rehearsing Christmas repertoire in preparation for December’s concerts, which include two performances at the Royal Albert Hall in London under the baton of our great friend John Rutter. I’m hoping some of my girls will be able to attend that show, as it’s always a treat to have them in the audience and allow them to see some of “what Daddy does!” Some of you may remember that we released a new Christmas Songbook recording last year, and we’re delighted that the sheet music to accompany that release is finally available and on sale – so you can enjoy your favourite KS Christmas arrangements with your own choirs, or just around the piano as a family! We’re looking back at some classic arrangements this year, alongside the new ones, so the close harmony groups will have a good balance of ancient and modern. Personally-speaking, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without some of the old favourites!


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