Shop / Tom + Will (400 years of Weelkes and Byrd)

Tom + Will (400 years of Weelkes and Byrd)

Label: Signum Classics (SIGCD718) | Year: 2023
Singers: Patrick Dunachie (countertenor), Edward Button (countertenor), Julian Gregory (tenor), Christopher Bruerton (baritone), Nick Ashby (baritone), Jonathan Howard (bass)
Musicians: Fretwork Viol Consort



William Byrd and Thomas Weelkes died in 1623, Byrd in his ninth decade, Weelkes barely half that. Eighteen works, mainly secular in nature and several relatively unknown today, are presented here, along with two inspired new compositions from Roderick Williams and James MacMillan following in the tradition of the musical elegy. The beguiling intertwining of voices and viols throughout the programme remains as potent today as it must have been four centuries ago.


Track Listing

  1. Praise our Lord, all ye Gentiles William Byrd
  2. If women could be fair William Byrd
  3. Say dear, when will your frowning leave Thomas Weelkes
  4. Like two proud armies Thomas Weelkes
  5. Pavan No 3 Thomas Weelkes
  6. Thule, the period of cosmography Thomas Weelkes
  7. What joy so true Thomas Weelkes
  8. In nomine a 4 Thomas Weelkes
  9. Ye sacred Muses William Byrd
  10. Ye sacred Muses James MacMillan Premiere recording
  11. In nomine I a 5 Thomas Weelkes
  12. Hark! all ye lovely saints Thomas Weelkes
  13. Death hath deprived me Thomas Weelkes
  14. Death be not proud Roderick Williams Premiere recording
  15. In nomine II a 5 Thomas Weelkes
  16. Who made thee Hob? William Byrd
  17. This sweet and merry month of May William Byrd
  18. Browning a 5 'The leaves be green' William Byrd
  19. Alack, when I look back William Byrd
  20. O Lord, make thy servant Elizabeth William Byrd

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