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All At Once Well Met: English Madrigals

Label: EMI Records | Year: 1974
Singers: Nigel Perrin (countertenor), Jeremy Jackman (coutnertenor), Alastair Hume (countertenor), Alistair Thompson (tenor), Bill Ives  (tenor), Anthony Holt (baritone), Simon Carrington (baritone), Brian Kay (bass)
Orchestra: Philharmonia Orchestra

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Track Listing

  1. A Little Pretty Bonny Lass John Farmer 1:15
  2. Weep No More, Thou Sorry Boy Thomas Tomkins 2:54
  3. Shoot False Love Thomas Morley 2:31
  4. Now is the Month of Maying Thomas Morley 1:52
  5. Four Arms, Two Necks, One Wreathing Thomas Weelkes 1:58
  6. Hark, All Ye Lovely Saints Above Thomas Weelkes 2:56
  7. Since Robin Hood Thomas Weelkes 1:08
  8. Though Philomena Lost Her Love Thomas Morley 0:57
  9. O Wretched Man John Wilbye 3:37
  10. Weep, O Mine Eyes John Bennet 2:22
  11. The Nightingale, the Organ of Delight Thomas Weelkes 1:04
  12. Come, Sirrah Jack, Ho! Thomas Weelkes 1:57
  13. Cruel, Behold My Heavy Ending John Wilbye 2:55
  14. Fair Phyllis I Saw Sitting All Alone John Farmer 1:19
  15. Sing We and Chant It Thomas Morley 1:43
  16. On a Fair Morning Thomas Morley 1:17
  17. Oft Have I Vowed John Wilbye 3:32
  18. Is Love a Boy William Byrd 3:46
  19. Say, Love, If Ever Thou Didst Find John Dowland 1:56
  20. All At Once Well Met Thomas Weelkes 1:22
  21. Construe My Meaning Giles Farnaby 1:58
  22. Lord! When I Think Thomas Weelkes 1:51
  23. Cruel, Wilt Thou Perserver Thomas Morley 2:15
  24. Fine Knacks For Ladies John Dowland 2:28
  25. Strike It Up, Tabor Thomas Weelkes 1:36
  26. I Love, Alas I Love Thee Thomas Morley 1:22
  27. Farewell, Dear Love Robert Jones 2:29
  28. See, See the Shepherds' Queen Thomas Tomkins 2:01
  29. Have I Found Her Francis Pilkington 1:47
  30. Lady Your Words Do Spite Me John Wilbye 1:54
  31. Were I A King John Mundy 2:32
  32. Come Again John Dowland 2:21
  33. Tan Ta Ra, Cries Mars Thomas Weelkes 1:34
  34. Why Should I Love George Kirby 2:47
  35. This Sweet and Merry Month of May William Byrd 2:01

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