Pre-order Finding Harmony now

On Friday 31 January, our brand new album Finding Harmony will be released on Signum Records. To make sure that you are among the first to hear the whole album, you can now pre-order it here and sample two of the tracks, “Tsintskaro” and “O, chì, chì mi na mòrbheanna (arr. James MacMillan).”

Finding Harmony is an album which celebrates the power of music to bind people together in difficult times. Containing 19 tracks, of which 12 are brand new arrangements, it looks at how music has been a common language for people throughout history and across the world, who needed to find a voice. Finding Harmony is also an initiative for the modern day, when music can be a tool to heal divisions which seem insurmountable. 

Watch the first of our series of music videos for this album “O, chì, chì mi na mòrbheanna (arr. James MacMillan),” directed and edited by Nicholas Hampson.


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