Manila, The Philippines

Hello everyone!

It’s rare that I get to write a blog post from somewhere that’s new to everyone in The King’s Singers. But, in just over an hour, we’ll be performing in The Philippines for the very first time. We’re staying in Makati City, right in the heart of Metro Manila, after arriving yesterday afternoon on an overnight flight from Doha via Dubai. My colleagues may have mentioned before that I have a terrible fear of jetlag, and I was worried about jumping five hours ahead as we headed to the Far East with a concert the following day, but it transpired that I slept very well last night and awoke fighting fit for our workshop earlier today at the Ayala Museum, and our rehearsal this afternoon and concert this evening.

It’s such an honour to be here as guests of the Philippine Madrigal Singers, also known as MADZ. The calibre of their singing is exceptional. The group is, in fact, older than we are – founded in 1963 – and their strong tradition of excellent musicality manifests itself in an unusual way: they choose to perform sitting down, on three sides of a square. Our workshop this afternoon was with three other choirs – including a choir that was crowned Best Children’s Choir in the World last year – and my combined experience of choral singing in the Philippines so far leads me to believe that anything choral that happens in the Philippines must be extraordinarily good. Add to that the fact that everyone is just so unbelievably nice, and it’s a hard place to beat. Let’s hope we get to come back here soon. Tomorrow we have a day off, and I can’t wait to explore more of the city. As for tonight, our concert is in the Cultural Centre of the Philippines, right by the bay, and we’re singing with MADZ during the performance. I think it’s going to be really special.

Anyway, I’d better get changed. I’ve been distracted a couple of times while writing this and the concert starts in under half an hour.

See you soon!


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