London, UK

It’s been a great and busy first week back getting into the rhythm of touring life, and with a new team.

Eddie and Nick are settling in so very well and are adapting fast to the unique KS lifestyle! This morning we got back from France where we did two concerts over the weekend. One was in the beautiful converted monastery which is now the Auditorium St-Pierre-des-Cuisines, and the other one was the equally-beautiful opera house in Vichy. This morning, having flown back from Lyon, Jules and I went over to Eton College, to coach their a cappella group ‘The Incognitos’. It’s always a pleasure sharing some of our tips and techniques with other ensembles, and particularly so when they’re as talented and keen-to-learn as the chaps in The Incognitos. It was a flashback for Jules, who sang in that very same ensemble when he was back at school there! 

I’m back home now, and have just cooked a nice wintry dinner for Ellie who’s got back from a day at work (in a new and exciting job), and we’re going to watch a film this evening, before I have to head off again in the morning to Moscow.

I’m really excited for this trip to Russia. I’ve never been there before and am mightily intrigued by it; its vastness, its climate (we’re expecting -15c tomorrow..) and it’s history and culture. We’ll be singing a brand new programme called ‘Moscow to London’ for the first time, and also working with a local Choir Academy from Moscow, again having chance to share some of what we’ve learned with other singers around the world. At a time when the UK and Russia don’t have a straightforward relationship, it’s going to be great to spend time with the people of Moscow, speaking the international language of music. 

Whilst we’re out there we’re also meeting up with Steve Rosenberg — the BBC Moscow correspondent — who is a keen musician as well as amazing broadcaster. We’ll be talking to him about what we’re up to and our plans for the future, and he’ll be recording some material to be featured on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme, which is the UK’s most listened-to current affairs show. So it’ll be an exciting trip for many reasons! I can’t wait to see some of the beautiful sights of Moscow before flying home on Thursday for another brief stop at home. 

So wherever you are, I hope you’re happy and warm — or, at least warmer than we’re going to be tomorrow…


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