Lockdown Blog 26: Back in the office

This week is the first week “back” after our Easter holidays. In normal circumstances, this would mean having our beginning-of-term rehearsal day where we get together at one of our houses or a venue in London and dust off the cobwebs to see if we can still make KS sounds and the whole thing wasn’t just a dream; a buzz of excitement about getting back together again after three weeks away from our group music-making and touring schedule; and the ratcheting up of our off-stage workloads after a guilt-inducing few weeks of actively reduced admin.

Getting my soy milk flat white work fix, courtesy of Nespresso’s Dharkan coffee and the Aeroccino 4 milk frother.

However, in today’s world, the first week back has meant me finally getting round to setting up my home office in the spare bedroom, complete with desk, chair, hot mug coaster and distant view of The London Eye (or Millennium Wheel, as I grew up knowing it) and the Palace of Westminster (a.k.a. the Houses of Parliament). I’ve got Zoom meetings and work calls scheduled every day this week and without the touring element of what we do, it does feel rather like what I’d imagine an office job working from home to be like. Strange how much easier it is to get emails done sitting for hours at a desk, rather than cramped up in an airplane seat or from the iPhone in the taxi between the hotel and the concert venue…

A bedroom snap of The London Eye taken from my phone at a mere 4.5x zoom…

…and the Houses of Parliament at 6.5x ! Practically neighbours.

In other news, I’m looking forward to sampling some of Vic’s homemade assorted berry crumble shortly. A welcome work break!

Have a great week everyone!


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