Gstaad, Switzerland

The end of a season brings together contrasting emotions – anticipation of a holiday well-earned, with precious family time to look forward to, but also reflection on the past year of concerts, recordings, and the decisions we’ve made as an organisation.

We cannot ever afford to stand still in The King’s Singers so, whilst we recognise the importance of enjoying the moment and devoting our energies to the performance at hand, we often plan for the next season and upcoming projects. On our minds at the moment is the run-up to the 50th Anniversary in 2018, and ensuring that we visit all the countries and cities that have supported us most over the years whilst adding in some new venues to ensure freshness. We have a good recording plan and September will see us finalise repertoire and start to release press material. It’s an exciting process!
Against this is the backdrop of David’s departure and our search for a successor. We don’t find “replacements” in this group. Each of us brings something unique, and this has been especially true in David’s case. He will be missed, both as a colleague and friend. Based on the long list of candidates we’ve drawn up, though, no KS fan need worry about the future too much! Things will change, as they always do, but we’re excited about the possibilities in store – and our philosophy and sound will (as ever) remain no matter who his successor turns out to be.
Speaking of backdrops, we’ve arrived in Gstaad. Playground of the rich and famous and, for the next 48 hours, a fitting place in which to end this season. The views from our rather splendid hotel are stunning! As usual I’ve enjoyed this past season immensely and all that remains is to thank you, dear friends, for your support of the group, and to wish you a wonderful summer.

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