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#FindingHarmony around the world through music.


As members of The King’s Singers, we are uniquely placed to find harmony around the world through our extensive travel, our expertise in the craft of ensemble singing, our wide repertoire of musical styles and different languages, and a network of choirs, ensembles and individuals built up over 51 years of touring. We are not content only to give concerts and create recordings, however. Now more than ever, we feel that we can have a positive impact in many different ways all around the world, finding harmony between people through music, and bringing together cultures, art forms and languages to celebrate what unites rather than what divides us.

Each year we typically travel to over 15 countries, on at least 3 continents, sharing a craft which has been passed down to us through generations of King’s Singers, and which is steeped in a centuries-old tradition of choral music. Today’s world feels like it could use the positive power of music and singing together more than ever. Whether it’s audience members who come together from different walks of life united simply by a love of music, or choirs who create something more beautiful than the sum of its parts through teamwork, the act of singing together in harmony can have a powerful effect on individuals, communities and the wider world, no matter age, gender, race or circumstance. With singing, there are no barriers to entry, and we want to do what we can through The King’s Singers Foundation to encourage, inspire and innovate, finding harmony (in all of its forms) by helping to remove boundaries between people, musical genres, and cultures. And you can help make it happen. There are several key projects which we are planning in order to develop these aims, and we hope you find them as inspiring and exciting as we do:



It has long been a mission of the Foundation to help grow the choral repertoire by commissioning new music from both established and upcoming composers. As exemplified by our forthcoming album and touring project, Finding Harmony, we are totally committed to commissioning new and beautiful music from around the world, with a particular focus on songs, languages and musical traditions which are rarely heard or often overlooked in the classical concert world. Current commissioning projects in 2019 cover composers from 6 different countries, music in 7 different languages, and by both established composers and upcoming ones whom we want to help develop. The Foundation hopes to continue this work, commissioning several works each year in order to expand the canon of vocal music in a positive way. 



Through the Foundation, we want to make our educational work go further, and reach people who need it most. By paying for ground transport and concert tickets, the Foundation wants to help choirs and ensembles around the world enjoy high quality music making, and (where possible) receive coaching in ensemble skills from The King’s Singers. The group aims to offer at least 4 free workshops each year to choirs and ensembles for whom money is a barrier to such coaching, and also to help members of choirs attend King’s Singers concerts, by assisting with transport and ticket costs. The Foundation facilitated one such experience in Louisiana, USA in February 2019 and you can see a video reflecting on it here.

It will only take 100 people, each giving £20, to allow hundreds of musicians around the world to work with The King’s Singers for free, and receive potentially-life-changing experiences.



From 2020, we want to offer free places on each of our residential Summer Schools to 2 people (who are in full-time education). These weeks are an opportunity to work in great detail on ensemble skills, with the six King’s Singers and world-renowned guests and dozens of other singers from around the world. We don’t want any gifted singers to miss out on this opportunity simply based on their finances, so these scholarships will enable people who could not otherwise afford it — particularly students — the chance to enjoy a week of world-class training in the art of singing in harmony. We are committed to give our time for free to allow these people the opportunity to attend the Summer School.

The Scholarship will cover each participant’s travel, accommodation and subsistence; just 240 people giving £10 will make this a reality.



We have recently identified several organisations whose work closely mirrors our own ambitions of finding harmony through music, and who have an extraordinary impact all around the UK. By making these groups Finding Harmony Ambassadors, we want to enable them to grow and develop their work through grants from the Foundation, thereby increasing the reach of our mission through a network of partners who are doing remarkable work to use music as a tool for unity. The Ambassadors will be groups such as community choirs and community orchestras who are putting in hours every week to have a wider impact than we can have just on our own. 

If 200 people each give £30 we can support our ambassadors and significantly widen the reach of Finding Harmony. 



We believe that there is great power in discussion and exchange of ideas, and through the Foundation, we want to encourage discussion and education around music and its place within society. We’d like to produce a series of podcasts where we invite guests to talk about musical experiences which have inspired them, and where we can discuss issues of the world today through a cultural lens. There are costs to be met in order to create the podcasts, but once they are recorded they will be made available free of charge to anyone who’s interested in the conversation.

It will only cost £500 to fund this project in its entirety.



As the world of technology expands at an astonishing rate, the Foundation is excited by the potential uses in education and health as well as artistic fusion between genres. Innovative new collaborations with figures from the technology sector could help to harness these developments to enrich the world of music. In 2018, the Foundation supported a collaboration between The King’s Singers and digital artist Felix Faire, who was able to create what may be the first ever real-time digital visualisation of sound in a classical concert setting. There are many possible avenues for this sort of technology within the world of art and culture, and the Foundation hopes to support its development, as well as new avenues — including virtual reality performances — in 2019 and beyond.


Help us Any gift that you are able to give us, however great or small, whether one-off or regular, will go directly into making these projects possible. It is extremely quick and easy to donate, and the buttons below will direct you how to make a gift to the Foundation. Over the coming months and years, we dream that all of these projects become a reality and flourish, and that you’ll be able to see the impact your gift is having in many corners of the world.



Honorary Advisors, President and Trustees

Joyce DiDonato
Sir Stephen Cleobury CBE
John Rutter CBE
Mack Wilberg

Kenneth C. Fischer

Ronald C. Gunnell

John Bickley
Simon Toyne
Robert Temmink QC
Bob Chilcott

The King’s Singers Foundation comprises two organisations:
The King’s Singers Foundation: a charity registered with and regulated by The Charity Commission, Registered Charity No. 1137901 –
4 Albert Road, Richmond, Surrey TW10 6DP;
The King’s SIngers Global Foundation: a 501(c)3 organisation registered in the USA with EIN: 82-3414992 –
The King’s Singers Global Foundation, 244 Fifth Avenue, Suite W236, New York, N.Y. 10001


The King’s Singers Foundation is able to achieve its aims only with the generous support of its Patrons. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our Patrons for your continuing support.


Bronze Patrons

Chindu Kuruvilla (Qatar) Dana Dimitriu (Germany) Isabel Vinas (Argentina) Jeff Brown (United States) Liesbeth van Rees (Netherlands) Liisa Kamrat (Finland) Mihaela Oprea (Denmark) Mikko Reinikainen (Finland) Paul Lorijn (Netherlands) Richard Hallas & Dr Geoffrey Hallas (United Kingdom) Solange and Anne-Marie Rousseau (Canada)

Silver Patrons

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